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NDW Nordic

NDW Nordic

NDW supplies idlers for all uses and for a very wide range of sectors. From farming, food and agriculture, to material handling and pallet handling.

From belt drives for the mining industry to heavy-duty use and airports. We supply conveyor rollers for gravity roller tracks, driven roller tracks, accumulating roller conveyors and specifically created curves. By combining and adding parts, we are able to supply a bespoke product.

Over 40 years of quality rollers

Since 1976 NDW has been building on its good reputation in the field of conveyor rollers and idlers for internal conveyor systems. It is the quality of our rollers that make them stand out in the market. Our products will always provide a solution for your challenge.

With passion, expertise and experience, for more than four decades NDW has been ready and willing to supply its clients with parts that are perfect for the challenges that the conveyor system has to withstand.

High Quality Rollers

Rolling steadily since 1976, we take pride in our quality of work and decades of accumulated know-how.

Customizable Products

Need something special? We can make tailored products to meet your needs. Please contact our Sales Team!

Experienced Sales Team

Let’s make it roll! Our team has a vast experience from the field of conveyors, components and rollers.